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Testimonials & Reviews

"My husband had discovered this substance and it completely changed his life. Along our spiritual journey, we were inspired to begin making Ormus for our own consumption and it blossomed into so much more. I began consuming Ormus 4 weeks into my early pregnancy and the transformation within myself was undeniable. It was like breathing air for the first time. I was fairly healthy from my understanding and did not have any concerning medical conditions but I was born with scoliosis (a condition only surgery could fix). The instant Ormus entered my body I could feel it directly going to my spine and repairing something that was supposed to be impossible and began to straighten my spine. Now for my pregnancy, we found out that I was carrying twins!  I am now currently 30 weeks pregnant and I have no idea how I would have made it this far without Ormus. I never experienced that normal morning sickness you would get with carrying a baby, let alone twins... twin girls... and I never experienced fatigue like most mothers. My skin did not break out and my overall pregnancy has been a breeze and the development of my girls OH MY GOSH!!! The fetus body is created by the elements we consume and without Ormus, our food lacks to supply our needs and so the baby oftentimes suffers in deficiencies whether we'd like to admit it or not but for these girls that is not the case. They have been fully formed and developed since 12 weeks, huge brains, fat bellies, fully formed limbs, lit up pineal glands, extremely aware and conscious, and as they continue to grow and develop they stay in the top percentile of everything and they continue to show astonishing signs of development that astounds the known. Ormus has truly been a blessing in my life and I'm excited to share my continuious testimony with you and the world."

-- Payton L.  

"These skin products are all I use! I kid you not my skin is as soft as a babies bottom. My skin has cleared up with rarely any breakouts and I am always glowing! I have tried so many products in the past to even my skin tone and shrink my pores and these products work like magic. I literally can not go without, I am kind of an addict lol." 

-- Payton L.

"I've been taking Ormus for about 9 months. I've noticed an increase in energy and a more positive outlook on life! I am 70 years old, had my second knee replaced and was walking within a week. I also especially love the beauty products, my skin has never been so soft."

--Linda C.

"My skin is SO SOFT, I love the beauty products!" 

-- Janna D.

"I started adding a few drops of Ormus to my drinking water in the morning. I noticed increased energy throughout the day, and speedier recovery after physical exertion." 

-- Jimmy Joe

"This Ormus saved my life!" 

-- Chris N.

"I feel younger everyday."

-- Phillip D.