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The Body is a Living Ocean

If we compare our body to Mother Earth, we discover there is no difference!

Comparing our body to Earth, we notice little difference. The body is much like the ocean, home to millions of organisms, ranging from the great blue whale to the smallest of plankton and bacteria. Like the ocean, our bodies too, are home to trillions of tiny microoganisms living in and outside of our system.

The oceans design, naturally creates a perfect saline environment for these organisms to exist and to thrive. Since, our body is so similar to the oceans, we must achieve this too!

Yet how?!

Too many, of one bacteria and we become unbalanced, but is it simply just an imbalance of bacteria or could it be contributed to the lack of something else?

Just like the ocean, the body has many parts and systems. You have your circulatory system, immune system, nervous system, skeletal system, the brain, heart, kidneys, etc.. The ocean has the hydrosphere, the atmosphere, the carbon cycle, water cycle, the Atlantic, the Pacific, and so on..

The ocean is a living Ecosystem and so are WE!

The ocean makes up of 70% of the world, we too are made up of nearly 70% water. In fact, we are so similar to the Sea that our life begins in it. The amniotic fluid found in our mothers womb is nearly identical to the properties of that in seawater. It is even so, that these same elements are used to form a developing fetus.

Did you know, that the white stuff on a

newborn baby is called ocean water?

So you can see the tie, between the human body and the ocean. Why, the minerals and vitamins readily found in the Ocean are a necessary role in our bodily functions and health.

For instance, minerals are a necessary part of our diet in order to maintain the acid/alkaline balance in the body, skin, and nervous system.

The ocean requires balance and so do we, the body is a living Sea!

Understanding that, you can assume why our diet is lacking. It is unfortunate, we treat our Earths ocean the same as we treat our very own. Full of pollution and poisons!

For instance, rotting flesh is decomposed in our oceans, death bacteria in our oceans, poisons, plastics, chemicals, and many harmful carcinogenics, and pollutions. If you can look at it this way, everything we put into the Earths ocean, we are putting into our very own.

The modern lifestyle is very fast paced, you go out into the world and you get three things. You have plants, animal produce, or processed food.

In 2018, 63% of the western world's staple diet consisted of processed food, ⅓ was animal produce, and then 5% of those calories came from fruit, veggies, and nuts.That is a diet loaded with saturated fats, refined sugars, high acidity, and containing little fiber, and healthy fats.

More than half of Americans' calories come from “ultra processed” foods, which contain tons of sodium, synthetic trans fats, and artificial sweeteners. Research shows that eating a high-fat, high-sugar diet kills off essential bacteria in the gut, throwing off the balance of the gut biome and causing bodily mechanisms, like the immune system, to malfunction and compromise.

70% of deaths are caused by health and lifestyle.

Did you know that 2/3 of Americans are over weight, 1/3 of children are obese, and over half of adults have one or more diet related chronic disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and or cancer.

It is interesting to consider, the exact diet advertised and promoted is the linking cause to all of these diseases and illnesses.

Guaranteed, if you follow your doctors advise, you'll stay sick forever. Strategies are all about manipulating the symptoms and not dealing with underlying causes. You get pills or procedures that have nothing to do with the disease causation. It's deception, they give you pills to "prevent" your problem.. but, it does not.

It is a fraud on mass production and it is no wonder our oceans are polluted!

Our very own ocean, within, is corrupted. The evidence is clear! The average diet depletes us from the very materials we are constructed from! This modern diet lacks nutrients, and that is what we NEED! It is not meat or processed food. It is in fact, the life giving element, which are found in our oceans, that constructed our living bodies.

Life is what we NEED!

So changing your diet, to a plant based diet will reduce the damage and effect,

but adding Ormus to your diet; derived from salt, containing many of the same minerals and elements found in the ocean. Indeed, can help boost your body to, actually repair and reverse the damage and harm done by pollution.

Ormus is effective!

If we began to see our body as the ocean, we would stop polluting our ocean

and stop poisoning the oceans within! It is an interesting fact and something to think on...

Just like the ocean, our body is alive and we hold an entire universe within!