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During the late 1970s, while mining for gold an Arizona rancher named David Hudson noticed some associated metallic minerals that exhibited unusual properties. After millions of dollars invested into this newly rediscovered substance named ORMES (orbitally rearranged monatomic elements) or as we know ORMUS. The knowledge of ORME is a wondrous bridge between the ancient work of the masters and the world of new possibilities.


ORMES is metallic micro-clusters in a non-metallic state consisting of one or more atoms in a high-spin state that endows them with unusual properties such as superconductivity, superfluidity, supercurrent, and magnetic levitation. ORMUS can be thought of as the natural non-metallic seed of metals "first matter". Because ORMUS is a new form of matter with different physical properties from normal elements, conventional chemistry equipment, and lab test have proved of little value in detecting the particles or even explaining them. These m-state elements are thought to be as much as 10,000 times more abundant than their corresponding metallic counterparts. Including Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Silver, Osmium, Iridium, Platinum, Gold, and Mercury.

ORMES seems to enhance energy in the microtubules inside living cells and works to repair damaged DNA. Although only known by few, the presence of Ormus in our body appears to benefit life: the physical "body" which carries more vibrancy and a stronger constitution and the physical "mind", greater communication with the "quantum field of energy". ORMES material displays amazing effects on plants, animals, and humans and proves to be extremely beneficial. People who have taken ORMUS report much healing, rejuvenation, and spiritual enlightenment.

When we look back at the histories and legends of ancient times we find many of the ancient puzzles involved a mysterious material, which had magical properties. The ancient alchemist of China, Israel, India, Egypt, and Persia spoke of such substances. These substances have also been associated with other ancient mysteries like the Fountain of Youth, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Great Pyramid. Evidence shows that ORMUS has also been known by metal craftsmen and alchemists who referred to this grouping of metals as the "Noble Metals." The monatomic "white powdered gold" is mentioned in the Egyptian book of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Old Testament Bible describing these particles as Manna or "food of the Gods". All throughout time has this mysterious material been known, yet so few of us in today's generation have any knowledge of what this magical property is. What we find to discover is that much of this mind-expanding information was lost throughout the years or kept out of reach. 

It's exciting to think that if only a small percentage, maybe 10% of what has postulated or observed about ORMUS proves, this material may be one of the greatest discoveries in human history! ORMUS is found everywhere in plants, animals, air, soil, and water. But only in small quantities, that is why an ORMUS supplement is so prevalent in today's society to enhance our overall well being and receive all the magical benefits of this mysterious "Universal Medicine" called ORMUS. 

As postulated supposedly some of the properties include; cure all forms of disease, including cancer, and AIDS, correct errors in the DNA, act as a superconductor, emit gamma radiation, levitate in Earth's magnetic field, read a person's mind, enhance immune system, increase rate of healing, slow and reverse the aging process, boost strength, enhance athletic conditioning, enhance mood and work as a anti-depressant, improve sleep, heighten energy and awareness, increase electrolytes, improve vision, maintain blood sugar, promote healthy pH balance, increase spiritual awareness, and so much more. 

These are the 84 Elements found in the Ocean; the same construction as the Reconstituted Sea made from natural Sea Salts used to make Ormus, which is similar to the elements that make up our human bodies.

PPM= Parts Per Million = mg/liter = 0.001g/kg

Source: Karl K Turekian

In the exploration of Ormus, we attempt to describe in a comprehensible manner the power and manifestation of Ormus. Ormes is a state of matter that is created when a very specific window in the physical world opens, in which light or etheric matter, can be utilized by physicality in the "3D" plane. Ormus is a spiritual food made from the ether and because little true knowledge of spirituality is known to modern man, Ormus is often misunderstood and not accurately quantified but, because we as alchemists are in the known of truth we understand the physical aspect of Ormus as well as the spiritual.

Ormus or Ormes elements are identified by their M-state, or monatomic form, which suggests that they are found as a singular atom and do not need to share or exchange electrons with other atoms to become stable. They are upgraded to a 3.5-dimensional state and become more independent. The reason they can do this is because Orme atoms' electrons show more of the characteristics of photons, or light particles, or a hybrid of light and physical. In that context, they are not bound and can bend the laws of electron stability, these elements are in their non-metallic form known as first matter. 

We as individuals are made up of specific elements designed uniquely to our frequency. Our body requires those elements in order to operate at our primal resonance. When our body does not receive these specific elements our physical body begins to fail us. Our cells consume what we absorb storing the nutrients needed in order to function, our food only providing a small percentage of the materials needed our cells then weaken and eventually die from an uncontrolled death unable to reproduce. That is when our body begins to weaken and disease, damage, aging, and all of these unfortunate factors occur. Ormus, when consumed, reintroduces these raw pure elements our body lacks, replacing the toxins and repairs our body honing us to our natural resonance. Therefore, our cells are able to rebuild, repair, and reproduce at an accelerated rate and our body is no longer receptive to imbalance inflicting decay. 


When the body is chemically imbalanced our mind is susceptible to mental illness. Ormus working at the atomic level provides the balance we need allowing our energies to flow freely. Freeing the body allows for a clear consciousness opening the channels that connect us to our spiritual bodies our chakras, completing our entire being.