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Topical & Consumable Ormus

Enriched with the elements of life providing healing & renewal.

HARMONI Ormus Cream


OMUS or ORMES (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements) are M-state materials, a grouping of "Noble Metals" most prominent in Gold, Silver, Copper, and the Platinum group exhibiting many miraculous properties. They are life-giving elements found in all living things and helps the body fight off all forms of disease and viruses, correct DNA, enhance the immune system, increase the rate of healing, slow and reverse the aging process, promote hair growth, detoxify cells, boost strength and athletic conditioning, enhance mood, improve sleep, heighten energy, awareness, and SO MUCH MORE!


Topical Ormus

Our skincare is meticulously balanced with Ormus, Containing mighty anti-aging properties,regressing, and boosting cellular regeneration!

Drink Ormus

Boost your immune system and protect yourself against disease and viruses!

High Potency Ormus


Here at Annam Holistic offer a variety of services to suit our clients needs. If you are suffering from past trauma, imbalance, chakra blockage, battling addiction, illness, virus, age, or simply searching for improvement in ones life we have a specialized treatment plan just for you! 

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